Bachelor of Science in Biology

General Biology

The General Biology concentration will prepare you for graduate school or an entry level position in biology. This concentration is not as specialized as the Pre-Medical and Wildlife/Ecology concentrations, so you will have more flexibility in the courses you take. For this concentration, you will choose 16 additional upper division courses in biology, enabling you to tailor your degree to your specific interest in biology. Most of these courses include labs to gain hands-on experience applying what you’re learning in the classroom.

With a major in biology and the General Biology concentration, you will enjoy the following unique features:

  • Faculty with extensive industry experience and active research who get to know you both in and out of the classroom
  • Ongoing department research projects, giving you opportunities to gain experience beyond course labs

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We’re working on research where we have to solve real problems, and it will set the foundation for future research that can help a lot of people.—Lauren Gould, Biology Major

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Students with goals other than graduate school or teaching may choose to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in biology rather than a bachelor of science. Visit the NNU Catalog to compare the degree requirements between a BA and BS and speak to an advisor to determine whether a BA option will best meet your goals.

Seeking discovery

Seeking discovery

NNU and the Boise Valley provided Austin Reich with invaluable opportunities to gain experience in the field of biology. As a junior, he is volunteering as a zoo naturalist at Zoo Boise, working as head animal TA for the biology department and conducting research with professor Dr. Cossel.

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NNU offers a major in Wildlife Biology. In addition, NNU undergraduates have had the opportunity study frogs in Costa Rica and reptiles in the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area—among other things.