Bachelor of Science in Biology

Wildlife and Ecology

The Wildlife/Ecology concentration will prepare you for jobs in ecology, wildlife, field or conservation biology or for graduate school. You’ll study under faculty who are active in field research and who have connections around the globe. From identifying local species like the Idaho Giant Salamander, to studying the exotic Fringe-limbed Treefrog, you’ll work on the frontier of discover.

With a Wildlife/Ecology concentration, you will gain access to the following unique features:

  • A collection of over 40 live animals including snakes, a monitor lizard, salamanders, a tarantula, and frogs that students care for and study
  • Opportunities for field research both locally and internationally, particularly in Costa Rica
  • Exemplary faculty with extensive field research experience and ongoing projects in which students can participate

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My favorite part about doing research is discovering what nobody has discovered before. I remember specifically one time when I was getting video of a frog calling, and Dr. Cossel told me that we were possibly the first people to have seen this frog call, and I was the only person in the world at the moment to have video of this frog calling.— Austin Reich, Biology Student

NNU harbors unique frogs

NNU harbors unique frogs

Two unique frog species have been harbored at NNU since July 26, giving students invaluable experience researching and caring for these rare amphibians. Dr. John Cossel received the frogs from Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden in Hong Kong after they were confiscated from a cargo shipment.

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NNU offers a major in Wildlife Biology. In addition, NNU undergraduates have had the opportunity study frogs in Costa Rica and reptiles in the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area—among other things.